About shea butter

Shea butter has long been used in the cosmetics and skincare industry and can often be found as an ingredient in lip balms, moisturisers and hair conditioners. It is also known to have many medicinal qualities, and it is a suggested remedy for sunburn and inflammatory conditions; some people use it as a massage lotion to help keep the joints supple and the skin soft.

One of the reasons that shea butter it so popular is because it is a pure and natural skincare product. The high levels of oleic acid in shea butter means that it is gentle to the skin as well as being hydrating and easily absorbed and nourishing for the body. Many people that have struggled a lifetime with conditions such as psoriasis, eczema or dry skin find that shea butter can help to cure them of their skin problems and also help to improve the overall condition of their skin.

Its softening properties make shea butter ideal for anyone that suffers from dry, sensitive skin, and as it only contains natural ingredients, it is unlikely to cause any allergies. Shea butter is also ideal for use in the winter months as it will help to protect the skin from harsh winter winds and keep it nourished and protected.

Research has shown that shea butter is best used in its pure unrefined form in order to get the most benefit from it. When it is refined, as found in many mass produced cosmetics, it looses many of its valuable properties.

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